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Paramount Fire Protection

Since implementing, from the ability to access the software from anywhere around the world to be able to invoice quickly and turn reports around quickly, the entire team at Paramount has seen the difference it makes to have software that is modern and cloud-based while still being tailored to the fire protection industry.

Paramount Fire Protection is a fire protection company founded in 2015 and based in Yarravile, Victoria. They are involved in the design, supply and install from multi-story developments and high rise buildings to tenancy fit-outs through to servicing, maintaining and testing.

Paramount started their journey with the traditional pen-and-paper method where everything was done and recorded manually. This eventually morphed into spreadsheets to try and keep track of everything.

They then made the decision of moving to a software to help manage their operations. However, their experience with this software was less than satisfactory - to the point where they were receiving complaints from their technicians and there was a noticeable change in their productivity.

"There were a lot of things that were holding us back from excelling and taking that next level up."

Hussein Fattal, Managing Director

Having heard of Uptick from his extended network, Hussein always had it in his mind that there was a software option out there that was suite to what he was looking for - and given the difficulties Paramount was facing with their software at the time, he made the plunge and decided to make the switch to Uptick.

Since implementing, from the ability to access the software from anywhere around the world, to being able to invoice quickly and turn reports around quickly, the entire team at Paramount has seen the difference it makes to have a software that was modern and cloud based, while still being tailored to the fire protection industry.

Paramount has been able to transform their business since moving on to Uptick, with the changes impacting almost every facet of their business

  • Provide more transparency to their customers by having everything included in their reports
  • Increased turnaround time for admin tasks, including dispatching quotes and reports to customers
  • Improved communications between their front office and their staff

"It’s been an absolute game changer, and the best thing I’ve done for my business."

Hussein Fattal, Managing Director

The ease of use of Uptick has also greatly impacted their technicians productivity, with their team able to get to 2 or 3 more sites per day.

A lot of this efficiency gain has been down to properly utilising the features within Uptick that have been built to save technicians time in the field.

One of these features are in the mobile app, where technicians are able to plan the day ahead and ensure that all required products for the day is packed and is ready to go

"I can work out exactly what run I'm going to do - to know where I'm going to be going and minimize that drive time - and it's pretty much just to maximize my time in that area and getting the most out of my day."

Steven Smart, Fire Sprinkler Fitter

These changes in how Paramount manages their operations as well as the efficiency gains throughout has allowed them to improve their business performance while also improving the level of service they've been able to provide to their customers.

The end result of all these incremental gains - an increase in 50% in terms of new business being won, and their defect quotes are now converting to approvals at a rate of 75%.

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