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Quickly locate, inspect and service any asset with digital asset registers.
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Reduce time on site with digital floor plans.

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Use Case 1
Pass or Fail an asset
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Your field teams can quickly mark whether an asset has passed inspection and add a remark through the mobile app.

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Use Case 2
Quickly locate assets on-site
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Increase efficiencies and reduce the time it takes to locate fire & security assets throughout entire buildings with the geospatial asset register.

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Use Case 3
Add defects
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Add deficiencies from a list of common faults and take a photo. This can either be rectified immediately or suggested for a quote.

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Use Case 4
Add all asset details
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Add all asset information in the field to ensure up-to-date records are kept. This includes barcodes and location.

Built for the Fire Protection industry.

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Here’s how Full Range Fire Safety did it.

Full Range Fire Safety knew that having technicians make the most of every minute spent on services and repairs is the most scalable way to increase profit margins.

With Uptick they were able to decrease time spent looking for assets and prepare service reports directly on-site, reducing turnaround time.

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Modern asset maintenance software purpose-built for the fire protection industry 🧯
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