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Provide your clients with one central location for all their compliance data with the Uptick Client Portal.
Less admin & paperwork
Easily locate assets
Built-in local standards
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A better way to meet your clients' compliance needs.

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Use Case 1
Compliance snapshot
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Give your clients real-time transparency over their fire safety compliance and provide access to all critical data for every property in their portfolio.

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Use Case 2
All reports and documents in one location
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A one-stop shop for client reporting. The portal houses all the compliance reports that have been issued to that customer across their portfolio, removing the need to re-issue reports. Your clients are also able to access a list of service quotes, deficiency quotes and invoices.

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Use Case 3
Visually demonstrate deficiencies
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Don't just give your customers a list of deficient assets and expect them to know where they are. Show them the location of any deficiencies on a floor plan to allow them to assess the impact and severity.

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Use Case 4
Budget insights for your customers
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Show your customers an analysis of spend by month on fire & security services and maintenance - broken out by asset type or task category. You can even generate 30-year maintenance budgets, enabling your clients to plan for extended servicing or asset end-of-life.

Built for the Fire Protection industry.

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Here’s how D A Fire did it.

Before Uptick, D A Fire was on another software but they found they that couldn't provide their customers with the right level of service when it comes to reporting. 

With Uptick DA Fire is now able to provide detailed on-demand reports to their client at every asset level without additional administrative burden.

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