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quote approvals.

Speed up the quote approval process with instant quoting and automated reminders.
Instant quotes
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Auto reminders
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Uptick enabled us to attach a product to a defect so it automatically gets quoted.
Daniel Hall
Full Range Fire Safety

Produce high quality deficiency quotes that get approved faster.

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Step One
Get accurate deficiency information
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Technicians can add remarks, high-quality photos, and suggested products to repair the deficiency. The app will automatically route the information to the office to be included in the final deficiency quote.

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Step Two
Add photographic evidence
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Your office staff can quickly generate detailed deficiency quotes with as many photos as needed and send them directly to clients automatically for efficient delivery to specified recipients.

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Step Three
Suggest replacement products
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Help your office staff during site visits by having the system provide smart suggestions and automated replacements for deficient assets to make the quoting process a breeze.

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Step Four
Make approval easy
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Simplify the quote approval process for customers by allowing your customers to approve the quote directly online. Set email reminders to be sent at predefined intervals to remind your customers about quotes they have yet to review and approve.

Benefits across your entire business.

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Here’s how Full Range Fire Safety did it.

Full Range Fire Safety knew that having technicians make the most of every minute spent on services and repairs is the most scalable way to increase profit margins.

With Uptick they were able to decrease time spent looking for assets and prepare service reports directly on-site, reducing turnaround time.

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