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Streamline service inspections and maximize compliance with maintenance forms built around local standards.
Build for the fire industry
Efficient workflows
Tailored to each site
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Built in forms streamline compliance without changing your workflows.

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Use Case 1
Built-in deficiency lists
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Make logging deficiencies super easy with our pre-built deficiency lists. The app comes built-in with forms, asset types and drop-down deficiency lists that meet local regulations, simplifying compliance and third-party accreditation

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Use Case 2
Complete certificates on-site
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With built-in forms in line with the requirements for third-party accreditation, you can quickly input the necessary information on-site to ensure that they are accurately generated as soon as the site visit is completed.

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Use Case 3
Meet site-specific requirements with customized forms
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You can set up and configure site-specific forms to comply with requirements of each individual site - whether it's a SWMS, JSA, Take 5 or OH&S

Built for the Fire Protection industry.

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Here’s how Beacon Fire Protection did it.

Before Uptick, Beacon had considerable operations delays, taking days to action invoices which would create mountains of paperwork.

With Uptick they have eliminated paperwork and manual processes and now dispatch reports to clients within an hour.

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Modern asset maintenance software purpose-built for the fire protection industry 🧯
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