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Uncover hidden opportunities in your business with actionable reports on demand.
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I can tell you at any time of the month where we're at on revenue and profit.
Alistair Nicoll

Real-time reports to help you operate with confidence

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Step One
See your teams' performance in real-time
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Monitor your field staff in real-time to assess their efficiency during site visits.

fire and safety software
Step Two
Review your sales pipeline
fire and safety software

Understand the quotes outstanding, total value and the % acceptance rate from your customers. This way you can identify opportunities to increase revenue.

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Step Three
Understand your routine maintenance performance
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View your performance against maintenance routines and local standards to ensure fire safety compliance for customers. Stay on top of your resources to ensure you complete the due jobs efficiently.

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Step Four
Uncover opportunities to boost profitability
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Utilize our profitability tool to compare profitability across team members, customers, departments, and branches. Analyze actuals versus estimates, and identify underperforming areas to ensure you improve your bottom line.

Benefits across your entire business.

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Here’s how LINKfire did it.

LINKfire made a strategic decision to digitise their business but building own software turn out to be a struggle.

With Uptick they were not only able to transform their business operations but have also been leveraging real-time updates on field productivity and profit & loss by job analysis to optimise their operations.

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Operate with confidence.

Modern asset maintenance software purpose-built for the fire protection industry 🧯
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