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How fire extinguisher inspection apps keep high fire hazard buildings safe

While there’s no doubt that a comprehensive fire extinguisher inspection app is essential for every type of building, some buildings are especially vulnerable. Buildings with a high fire hazard risk rely on fully functional assets to prevent large-scale disasters.

While there’s no doubt that a comprehensive fire extinguisher inspection app is essential for every type of building, some buildings are especially vulnerable. Buildings with a high fire hazard risk rely on fully functional assets to prevent large-scale disasters. 

Extinguisher inspection software has come a long way over the years. Software is one step up from paper, but that doesn’t mean that all software is equal. The problem with outdated software tools is that they don’t offer the benefits of cloud-based apps. Often, these archaic tools can make things worse, resulting in admin backlog, delayed job scheduling, missing forms, lack of reporting and various other issues. 

In buildings considered high-hazard, fire extinguisher maintenance software is a necessity, to protect people and property. 

What buildings are considered high risk for fire hazards? More importantly, how can fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection apps help in these buildings?

Technically speaking, every building poses some risk of fire hazard, including residential homes. But some premises pose even more risk of fire. From building layout to size, number of occupants and other factors, these premises have a big chance of fires spreading quickly. 

In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, patients are housed in multiple wings and floors. A busy emergency ward can be filled with a large number of critically ill or injured patients, while surgical wards require strict safety protocols. Various wards require an equally high need for protection. Chemicals, toxic waste, labs and other facilities are yet another risk. The size of an average hospital, plus the number of floors and the layout mean that fire extinguishers need to be accessible, functional and suitable for any type of fire. 

On school premises, fire extinguishers protect students and teachers. Chemistry labs, old extinguishers that haven’t been maintained and even accidents can all pose a fire risk. Fire extinguisher maintenance software is the simplest way to ensure that assets are fully maintained according to compliance and testing schedules. 

The combination of high occupancy and complex layouts makes hotels and apartment blocks present challenges for fire safety management. Extinguishers that don’t work can cause even a small fire to get out of control. Fire extinguisher inspection apps make it easier to keep track of assets, with real-time reports, custom forms and job scheduling that speeds up response time in case of a fire.

Warehouses contain large quantities of goods, materials and, in some cases, hazardous substances, making them particularly vulnerable to fires. Fire extinguisher maintenance report software helps fire companies stay on top of testing schedules as well as compliance regulations. 

So, how does Uptick keep these buildings safe?

Through our wide range of features, Uptick streamlines the inspection process throughout each step. This makes it easier for technicians, office staff and managers to keep track of assets. Buildings are fully compliant according to regulations. Better still, there’s peace of mind knowing that patients, students, residents, guests, workers, and property are always kept safe in the event of an emergency. 

To see Uptick’s fire extinguisher inspection app in action, connect with our team and book a demo.

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