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AESG becomes Carbon Neutral Certified.

Uptick customer AESG becomes carbon neutral certified through their ongoing commitment to exploring technology to reduce their footprint.

Australian Essential Services Group (AESG) is a national independent auditor providing fire safety services, specialising in audit reviews in the maintenance and compliance of fire equipment, building essential safety measures and building health and safety.

In 2019, AESG made the commitment to their staff, clients, and partners to better understand their environmental impact and actively make changes to the way they conduct business across Australia.

As part of their research, AESG identified carbon neutral as a key driver of innovation, creativity and diversity in the sector.

Ultimately, AESG made the decision to lead the industry in new ways of developing and delivering business that fosters and encourages greater environmental and sustainable practices.

What are the benefits of AESG’s carbon neutral certification?
  • More satisfied client and staff as they see AESG is taking action on climate change, while encouraging organisations they work with to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Increased productivity and efficiency of travel as they look for ways to reduce carbon emissions associated with travel
  • Trailblazing the way for other organisations in the industry to do the same
What part is technology playing in helping organisations become carbon neutral certified?

AESG is constantly exploring what role technology can play in reducing their carbon footprint.

Prior to this commitment, AESG made the decision to partner with Uptick, to create a more efficient, green and seamless process.

They attribute adoption of new initiatives such as electronic logbooks via Uptick to contributing to the reduction in their footprint, while flagging technologies such as these as key projects for the business community to adopt.

See how we've been working with AESG on their journey to become carbon neutral:

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