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How is bSECURE helping the City of Kingston manage asbestos reports and ESM compliance?

bSECURE allowed the City of Kingston to turn building equipment into an easily accessible digital-dropbox for asbestos reports and floor plans.

The city of Kingston faced two key issues before implementing Uptick’s bSECURE technology:
  • The tenants were always asking for floor plans which they had to manually share with them
  • No one had access to asbestos reports and were therefore unaware of where it was in the building
By implementing Uptick’s bSECURE technology, all documents are now easily accessible to tenants and community groups working on the building through bSECURE labels which the City of Kingston has placed in each building.

bSECURE is a free, open repository for asset and building information. It’s accessed via a simple QR code sticker that can be placed on any asset or building. bSECURE does not need an app, is it accessed simply by using the camera on your Android or iOS smartphone.

The implementation of bSECURE means the City of Kingston is in full compliance of the law, while equipping the tenant with the knowledge of asbestos throughout the building.

What are the benefits of bSECURE?
  • Increased efficiency: Technicians can save valuable time onsite by simply scanning the bSECURE sticker located on the physical asset, to easily match it with its digital record, so servicing can begin sooner. This is also the case for tenants.
  • Ultimate transparency: Allow your customers to see the current compliance status, the latest service information, expected lifecycle, or report a fault for any asset by scanning the bSECURE sticker with the camera of their smartphone.
  • Privacy is paramount: Your private information is kept safe. Third-party scanning the sticker will only have access to information that is required by law to be publicly available; the type and date of the last service.
  • Safer buildings: Shared data means safer buildings. When everyone is working from the same dataset then valuable information like Fire Engineering Reports doesn't get lost.
bSECURE helps The City of Kingston manage ESM Compliance

The City of Kingston have utilised the bSECURE technology by uploading all properties into the software, as well as their schedules. They have configured it in the way that suits them best; showing contractors, when they’ve completed a job and assets for the building. With all the information already in the system, it quickly generates reports.

Managing your ESM can often be a very complex process, as there are so many items and pieces of equipment that need to be looked after. Using bSECURE is a great way to do this. At a glance you can see what is compliant and what isn’t, sparking an immediate response.

Watch the City of Kingston story below.

Interested to learn more about bSECURE? Check out more information here.

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