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Product update policy

Understand how Uptick updates our products to provide customers with the best experience and the least hassle.

Effective Date: 2021-07-01
1. Scope

This policy has been prepared to provide a clear understanding of how Uptick manages updates to its products, including the mobile app (Mobile App) available on Apple and Android devices to field technicians, the web application (Web App) available to office staff, customers and contractors, and ancillary services (Other Services) such as bSECURE and Logbooks. Updates may relate to the functionality, performance, availability or security of the products.

2. Web app

Uptick delivers updates to customer servers every day using a process called Continuous Delivery. These updates happen automatically at 8 pm AEST, but manual updates may also be made throughout the day as required. Upgrades take 30-60 seconds to complete, and customers do not typically experience any downtime or service degradation during this period.

Once per month, on the second Thursday of the month, we send all active users with a DESK license our Monthly Product Update email. This email has a list of minor changes that have been made in the previous 30 days and a list of features that will be enabled on the following Thursday.

3. Mobile app

To provide technicians with the best field servicing experience Uptick releases new updates to the Mobile app on both Apple iOS (via the Apple Store) and Android (via the Google Play Store) platforms.

Changes are communicated by email one week before this update is deployed to all Uptick field users (Active users with a Field license).

Updates are deployed to devices on a rolling basis: technicians will receive the update at varying times throughout the month as is typical for App Store apps.

Other updates (each a Minor Update) are made from time to time as is required and are not communicated to customers.

4. Other Services

Other services are updated from time-to-time as required.


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