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Integrate Uptick with QuickBooks to trigger a flow of financial information - every transaction, from the field or office, integrates directly into QuickBooks.
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Simplify your billing processes, get real-time visibility on your finances and efficient transaction reconciliation with QuickBooks integration.

Use Case 1
Automate your invoicing

Save time, stop duplicate data entry, access client billing information, and issue invoices with a click of a button from within Uptick. The Quickbooks integration allow invoices and purchase orders to automatically flow into Quickbooks and for payments information to flow back into Uptick.

Use Case 2
Simplify your payroll

Uptick's mobile app allows your field teams to record start and end times of a job with the click of a button, ensuring accurate timesheets. These timesheets can be loaded into Quickbooks, alongside the relevant labour rates, removing the need for manual data entry during pay runs.

Use Case 3
Get insights and visibility of your financials

Integrating with Quickbooks allows for financial information to be pulled into Uptick, giving you a real-time of your financials. This includes your cash flow position, payments, and overall Profit & Loss.

Operate with confidence.

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