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Crystal Fire

Crystal Fire implemented Uptick on day one of business and has seen ongoing results and rapid improvements ever since. Having industry-specific assent maintenance software in place meant that Crystal Fire initially did not need anyone in the office.

Crystal Fire is a boutique fire company that looks after all aspects of annual fire safety statement management, testing, repairs, installations and fire protection equipment, across the industry.

Crystal Fire implemented Uptick on day one of business, and have seen ongoing results and rapid improvements ever since.

Uptick eliminated the need for office admin, allowing Crystal Fire to rapidly grow their business

Crystal Fire was instantly able to save money and invest in business growth by removing the need to hire office staff because every element of the business was run through Uptick.

“We implemented Uptick from day one. So when it was myself and just my business partner, it meant we didn’t have to have someone in the office. Everything could be run through Uptick."

Chris Osborne, Managing Director
Crystal Fire works smarter not harder through Uptick’s seamless workflow functionality

Uptick manages Crystal Fire’s assets and processes from start to finish, meaning the team can get the job done in a quarter of the time.

“We work smarter and not harder via everything being integrated. Uptick manages all our assets and all our processes from start to finish."

Chris Osborne, Managing Director
Best-in-class, easy-to-use interface that techs love to use

Technicians have easily adopted, and love to use, Uptick's best-in-class desktop interface and mobile app. Uptick gives technicians a snapshot of their jobs, making it a simple and efficient process.

“The Uptick interface is really easy to use. It’s really easy to understand both on the app and on the desktop version. It gives us a really clear picture of what quotes we’ve got, where the business is at, and the same applies for the app and the techs... Overall, it’s been a strong selling point to grow the business.”

Chris Osborne, Managing Director
Customers have ongoing confidence in Crystal Fire via the easy to use Customer Portal

“Customers that are really hands-on, building managers that are really hands-on love Uptick. They love to be able to log into the Customer Portal, see what’s going on and see what’s happening with their buildings. The building managers that aren’t hands-on still love Uptick because the reports are simple and easy to read. They know they’re going to get them regularly.”

Chris Osborne, Managing Director

Crystal Fire customers have increased confidence in the process because they know Crystal Fire has a quality management system in place with accurate and transparent reporting. Customers are able to easily log in to the Customer Portal and have the confidence that Uptick has the ability to capture any amount of assets, regardless of size.

Easy-to-read and transparent reporting that cuts out the middleman

“They can approve reports online and defect quotes online without having to ring the office. So it just makes the process really streamlined, takes a huge amount of stress away from me personally, as the business owner. But most of all, we know things are being reported and captured and done properly, again from start to finish, right through the whole process, right through to invoice.” 

Chris Osborne, Managing Director

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