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Easily manage your contracts and ensure you invoice and get paid on time.
Billing contracts
One click invoicing
Accounting integrations
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Send invoices faster and spend less time chasing payment.

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Our live accounting integration allows instant notification on outstanding and paid invoices. This enables better management of your accounts receivable so that every invoice gets paid.

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Maintenance contract renewals
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Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Easily manage your billing contracts and ensure they are renewed promptly. Take advantage of a host of configurable options, including automatic price increases and renewals, charging in arrears or in advance and authorisation limits for on-site spending.

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Invoice overview
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Stop invoices from slipping through the cracks. With Uptick, you have full visibility of your invoices to ensure they get paid on time. Invoice lists are fully configurable and can be bulk edited to reduce the admin burden.

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Real-time accounting integration
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Uptick integrates with Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Sage and other accounting software to establish a two-way sync between systems. This enables a real-time push and pull of accounting information so all your financial data is consistent across all platforms.

Built for the Fire Protection industry.

Here’s how Paramount Fire Protection did it.

Since implementing, from the ability to access the software from anywhere around the world, to being able to invoice quickly and turn reports around quickly, the entire team at Paramount has seen the difference it makes to have a software that was modern and cloud based, while still being tailored to the fire protection industry.

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Modern asset maintenance software purpose-built for the fire protection industry 🧯
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