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Remote IoT


Proactively monitor fire alarm panels to receive notifications when events occur.
Event alerts
Ongoing, real-time compliance
Proactive monitoring
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Provide your customers with peace of mind with proactive remote monitoring

Use Case 1
Visibility into entire portfolios

Monitor your entire portfolio in a single dashboard, see events as they happen. Catch panels accidentally left isolated, ensure your technicians have the correct parts and location when dispatching a repair.

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Use Case 2
Take it to the next level with digital floorplans
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Integrate your remote panel monitoring with a geospatial floorplan to allow your team to see and drill down to each detector, directly through the floor plan.

Use Case 3
Instant notifications

Configure notifications for different event levels and configure contacts per property or per client to receive these notifications to keep your customers informed of their fire protection compliance at any time

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Use Case 4
Provide visibility to your customers directly
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With the Uptick Customer Portal, you can give your customers a seamless view of their buildings' fire safety compliance. Your customers gets detector faults highlighted within the context of a property's floor plan for even more visibility and transparency.

Built for the Fire Protection industry.

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Here’s how Firemark did it.

The impact of having a single system handling all these activities has been huge as the engineers no longer have to deal with Excel sheets and do manual work to match up what they've done on-site to what's in the system. Their process is now seamless as it's now all part of their workflow in the field.

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