Uptick third-party device policy

Effective Date: 13th February 2021

Uptick works with a wide range of device manufactures.

The desk version of our product runs on any device where you have an active internet connection (we recommend using Chrome or Firefox).

The field version of our product can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store or the Android Play store with the following requirements:

  • Minimum iOS version: 15.0 (most iOS devices released in the last seven years support this version)

  • While all features will work on all devices that support iOS 15, we would recommend iPads (or large screen iPhones) if the geospatial feature is to be heavily used

  • We recommend purchasing devices released in the past 3 years to ensure your device works with Uptick for the foreseeable future

  • Minimum Android version: Android 10.0 (released 2019)

  • We recommend purchasing devices released in the past 3 years, with 6"+ screens, 128GB+ storage and 4GB+ RAM.

  • We recommend purchasing mid-to-high end devices to provide the best Uptick experience (battery life, screen responsiveness, processing power)

  • Avoid phones with significant curved edges - technicians in the field typically report these phones as being difficult to work with due to accidentally registering touches on the curved edge.

See more about the Uptick mobile app.