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Top 5 Fire & Security Software Solutions for 2023

Looking to implement a new asset maintenance software for your fire & security business - compare the top solutions and make an informed decision!

With so many different choices on the market today, choosing the right software for your fire & security asset maintenance business can be overwhelming.

A job and asset management software is a vital tool for managing fire & security asset inspections and repairs, as it allows fire & security businesses to step away from paper-and-pen. It also helps to automate and standardise processes such as servicing according to local standards, capturing photos during inspections, scheduling daily jobs, and even dispatching engineers and technicians for emergency repairs. These software also often come equipped with features to help generate quotes and invoices.

As each asset maintenance company has different needs, it is essential to choose the right software solution that best suits your business.

With a vast number of software options available in the market, selecting the right one can be a daunting task. To help with this, we've looked at five different options in the market, and picked out one aspect that we liked the most and one aspect that we liked the least, as a way of comparing the features of different software solutions.

Here is a list of the five best fire protection software on the market and their leading features.
  • Uptick
  • simPRO
  • Joblogic
  • FireMate
  • BigChange
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1. Uptick

Uptick is an asset maintenance software that's been specifically built for the fire & security businesses.

Uptick's software allows businesses to increase service delivery turnaround and reduce time in van with simple tools that has been purpose-built to support engineers and office staff that manage the service and maintenance of fire assets

Features Available:

2. simPRO

simPRO is a global leading provider of field service management software for the trades, with features  for quoting and estimating, scheduling, inventory management, communicating in the field, improving cash flow and reporting.

simPRO was designed by trade and service contractors for the trade and service industry, including plumbing, electrical, data networking, solar, HVAC, fire protection, security, and more.

What we like the most:

  • Good functionality and support for projects

What we like the least:

  • Not specific to the fire industry

For a more thorough review, see a detailed comparison between Uptick and simPRO.

3. Joblogic

Joblogic is a field service management solution designed to connect the back office, mobile workforce and customers. Users can manage jobs, quotes and invoices through one platform.

What we like the most:

  • Implementation consultants are excellent

What we like the least:

  • Not specific to the fire industry

For a more thorough review, see a detailed comparison between Uptick and Joblogic.

4. Firemate

FireMate is a fire protection software that can be accessed from both the field and the office. With FireMate in your business, you can take advantage of the unmatched asset management software designed with features to suit the fire protection industry.

FireMate helps boost compliance reporting, admin scheduling, and project workflows. With the mobile app, it also allows your technicians to report from the field.

What we like the most:

  • Purpose built for the fire industry

What we like the least:

  • User interface isn't as modern and intuitive

For a more thorough review, see a detailed comparison between Uptick and FireMate.

5. BigChange

BigChange is a workforce management software, suitable across other sectors, which allows businesses to achieve more productivity and efficiency.

It is a 5-in-1 solution that supports your mobile workforce thanks to an app for iOS and Android devices and allows for work planning, a monitoring system of vehicles and the resources they transport, strengthening your relationships with customers

What we like the most:

  • Intelligent Scheduling Assistant with route optimisation

What we like the least:

  • Not specific to the fire industry

For a more thorough review, see a detailed comparison between Uptick and BigChange.

Which one to choose?

While the software listed are all excellent options that most will find useful, every business will have unique circumstances and there’s no one-size-fits-all software option out there.

For business that operate primarily in the service and maintenance space within the fire & security industry, Uptick has been designed specifically to support you, complete with tools to streamline your workflow, reduce admin costs, cut down on unnecessary paperwork, improve field efficiency and scale your business!

We also understand that moving to a different software is always daunting, but even more so when the software is meant to support your entire business end-to-end as the change will inevitable involve people, process and technology. This is where the Uptick onboarding program comes in, where we assign you with onboarding manager to help you migrate your data, train your team, and configure your system the way you want it

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