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WM Brown

As a business that is continuously on the search to better its operations, the team at WM Brown recognised the benefits that can be had by implementing an asset maintenance software that's been purpose-built for the fire protection industry.

Located in East Kilbride, Glasgow, Wm Brown & Co are a maintenance company specialising in the servicing of smoke ventilation systems, dry risers, emergency lighting and fire alarm systems.

Wm Brown have used different platforms before to help automate their tasks but none of them have ticked all of the necessary boxes to support a fire protection asset maintenance business.

As a business that is continuously on the search to better their operations, the team at Wm Brown recognised the benefits that can be had by implementing an asset maintenance software that's been purpose-built for the fire protection industry.

"As a company, we always look to see what's out there that's an improvement to what we've got, and Uptick gave us that."

John Graham, Director

Moving to a different fire routine maintenance software is always daunting as the change will inevitably involve people, processes and technology. Uptick was able to help Wm Brown across all these areas with our onboarding program - where the Uptick onboarding manager was able to successfully help them migrate their data, train their team, and configure their system the way they want it.

"From sales to onboarding, we had a lot of support. For anything to grow, you have to develop and just take that leap of faith knowing that you've got the support there that you need to progress through with what your challenges are."

Paula Taylor, Office Supervisor

Wm Brown's engineers are also getting significant benefits from using the mobile app as they're able to write remarks and comment on the severity of asset defects to provide their clients the visibility they need to understand the impact and the need for fixes.

"Straight away the clients are seeing these, and straight away they are actioning it."

Douglas Shields, Electrical Supervisor

Uptick has spent a lot of time and effort in ensuring that the mobile app is able to support what field teams would need when they're servicing an asset. This is because efficiencies in the field are a great way for fire companies to really impact their bottom line as it allows them to both decrease their costs - through a reduction in time spent in van and an increase in their engineers' call-out rate - while also increasing revenue - through an increase in billable hours.

Wm Brown has taken full advantage of these benefits as their engineers have been able to spend less time around the office and more time being where they're meant to be - the field!

"We can store information on the app for the engineers to look at, and it reduces the time [they spend] in the office."

Douglas Shields, Electrical Supervisor

The team at Wm Brown are sure to continue innovating and delivering great customer service. Uptick is delighted to be part of this journey with the team at Wm Brown and can't wait to see how this simple fire asset maintenance software will help them even more.

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