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Beacon Fire Protection

Before Uptick, Beacon had considerable operations delays, taking days to action invoices, which would create mountains of paperwork. With Uptick, they have eliminated paperwork and manual processes, and now dispatch reports to clients within an hour.

Located in Cumbria, United Kingdom, is Beacon Fire Protection, a fire and security business with over 80 years of experience, offering services ranging from installations to CCTV and fire safety training. Beacon was the first company to jump onto Uptick in the UK after looking into nearly 20 other software. 

"I think we looked at 10, 15, maybe even 20 other similar companies to Uptick and none of them were anywhere near. The app is much easier to use than the others, the dashboard, the customer portal, everything. It's head and shoulders above everything else."

Shaun Borthwick, Director

Before Uptick, Beacon had considerable operations delays, taking days to action invoices which would create mountains of paperwork. It would take up to three days for engineers to submit their work and even longer for the office to process it. 

Since coming on board with Uptick, they have eliminated both paperwork and the thought of ever having to complete these processes manually - office staff have been able to create defect quotes and invoices, generate reports and dispatch to clients all within an hour of their engineers completing a job.

These operational efficiencies aren’t only surface-level improvements for Beacon - they’ve reported increased profits of 36% in the last 12 months.

Purpose-built for the industry.

Beacon believed in Uptick due to their demonstrated experience and knowledge in the fire and security industry. We’ve worked hard alongside the team to ensure our built-in accredited reports and certificates meet industry standards. Beacon has taken advantage of all required reports for BAFE/NSI accreditations streamlining workflows and improving operations efficiencies. 

The scheduling feature has helped to improve the engineer's day-to-day planning, allowing users to have pre-determined routes for each job, improving calculated distances between sites, and ruling out the possibility of doubling back on themselves.

The best-in-class, easy-to-use app that engineers love.

Beacon’s engineers have also been impressed with our cloud-based app. Real-time sync and the ability to work offline have helped the team optimise field productivity. 

"It's so much easier than having a bit of paper I'm going to lose 500 times. I've got the information before being at a client. I can look through their job, see what kind of panel it is, what the code is, where it is, I've got it all there. It's just so much easier." 

Sean Fairhurst, Alarm Engineer

Since implementation, the team at Beacon have seen nothing but positive results and significant efficiency improvements; their team has grown by two engineers as their customer base exceeds 250+ new customers. The change involved people, processes, and technology - Uptick was able to provide a solution in all areas. 

The team at Beacon are dedicated to the industry, they made the entire process worthwhile for not only themselves, but also at Uptick. The entire Uptick team couldn’t be happier having Beacon onboard. 

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