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Support policy

Uptick supports our global customers around the clock with multiple ways of getting in touch.

Effective Date: 2021-07-04

All Uptick products include free organisation-wide support. This support policy defines our approach to support, how you can request support and any limitations to the support offered. You agree to abide by the terms of this policy when engaging with our support team.

Phone support

Phone support is available to all licensed users. However, we recommend that this only be used for high-priority incidents. Our industry-trained support staff are available covering all business hours across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

UK: 0330 822 1682

Email support

You can email our customer support team anytime for help with the product or to request additional training. We aim to respond to all tickets on the same day or within 2-4 hours for urgent issues.


In-product support

Support is available on any page within the Uptick web application or on the support screen of the Uptick mobile app. When requesting help through the product, your contact details will be shared with our customer support team.

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