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Avoiding the Race to the Bottom - Free Data Report

How to win more contracts without dropping your prices.

In the fire and security sector, many providers find themselves in a relentless cycle of price competition, leading to a harmful ‘race to the bottom.’ This not only drives down industry prices but also devalues your services.

At Uptick, we believe there’s another way. We know from our experiences working with hundreds of leading fire and security companies that closing deals doesn't have to mean destroying your margins. 

But we wanted to go a step further and prove it with industry data. So, we surveyed 500 facilities managers to discover what they really need from their suppliers.

The good news? Our findings reveal that lower prices aren't always the key to winning business. Far from it. 

In our latest research report, you'll find:

  • Budget trends: How companies are allocating their fire and security budgets next year.
  • Client priorities: Data-driven findings on what decision-makers really look for in their suppliers.
  • Actionable strategies: Practical ways to apply these insights to win and keep more business.
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