Manage small and large projects across multiple contractors with ease

Upticks tendering module provides an easy to use platform to break down a project into separate tasks and then tender out those tasks to a panel of contractors.

Other features of Upticks tendering system are:


Use our end to end tendering management system to help track tenders through the full process.

Response Tracking

Keep track of tender response times to ensure you’re going to the most responsive contractors.

Manage reminders, follow-ups, and any communication throughout the tender process.

Automated Communications

Create a work order from an acceptable tender response with one easy click of the button.


Manage your authorisation processes quickly and easily then adjust as required and let out the work order based on the winning contractor(s) and tender(s)

Document Management

Manage the issuing, read/write/upload of documentation within the tendering process. All processed straight from the system.