Uptick licensing is based on the following considerations:

  1. Which Uptick; Uptick Workforce, Uptick Facilities and/or Uptick Compliance
  2. Whether you just need entry level (Standard) or advanced (Enterprise) modules:
    Enterprise Modules include:

    Dynamic forms Collect custom data against properties and assets.
    Custom fields Attach custom fields to every resource, allowing you to customise ABAS for your business requirements.
    Tendering Quickly create and issue tenders to your customers.
    Signoffs module Collect signoff information from thousands of contractors each month with our automated signoff tool.
    Stock management
    (Tradegecko, Xero)
    Manage your stock levels with our integration partners TradeGecko and Xero.
    Contractor compliance management (Cert Tracker) Manage your subcontractor compliance via an automated tool Cert Tracker.
    Discretionary major servicing Handle discretionary major servicing, for L4s and sprinklers, via an automated defect quoting workflow.
    Active Directory integration Use AD or any other federated login system to manage your users.
    Sales quoting Create sales quotes and have customers approve them via an online form.
    White labelling Generate unique forms without standard logos and branding, allowing unique branding to your customers’ requirements.
    API integration Access to our powerful API
  3. How many users you require. Monthly pricing is calculated based on the maximum number of users. These users are typically broken for identification into Office and Field users.

Uptick provides quantity break discounts on users for companies with larger workforces.

Contact Us for more information on pricing.