The Uptick Field Service System encompasses the tools to automate logging, scheduling, assessment, completion, invoicing and above all exceed your customer’s delivery expectations.

Logging service jobs

When logging service requests, new tickets can be triggered from the customer portal, Bsecure, emailed and scraped or via the traditional phone call and be manually entered into the Uptick service system by one of your team. Each mechanism ensures that minimum viable data is collected in order for the call to proceed.

Schedule your technicians and contractor based on region, skill sets, induction requirements,  preferred tech option or asset based.

Uptick allows for service tasks to automatically allocated (and dispatched) to technicians should they meet the minimum requirements or alternatively scheduled depending on your business requirements. Typically allocating the correct technician or subcontractor is easy as Uptick allows predefined filtering and shows you only the techs that can complete the task at hand.

When scheduling, you have complete visibility across each of your available technicians that have me the selection requirements required to complete the call.


Field Service Technician App

Click here for a detailed description of the technician and contractor app process

Job Costing

The Uptick service management platform provides for complete job cost information. Whether raised from the field or processed within the office, labour, materials, inventory, purchase orders, sub contractors and equipment use are all directly cost against the service task where incurred.

Invoice from the Field or have the details returned to the office for processing.


If your workflow is to review invoices prior to sending, all tasks ready for invoice are displayed for ease of processing. Job details, photos and other compliance information can be reviewed and invoiced in a single process.

Designed and developed for high volume service environments, Uptick will turn your service and reactive jobs into a cash cow for your business.

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