Uptick routine maintenance automates the process of preventative maintenance streamlining the building and asset program ensure maximum uptime and compliance to all regulatory and required standards.

Uptick comes standard with the entire AS1851-2012 and 2005 preventative maintenance schedules loaded for all asset types making setting up any new fire preventative maintenance plan on any age building a breeze.

Asset classes and asset types outside of fire are also catered for. Uptick allows fast and easy setup of any preventative program schedule for asset types with multiple concurrent schedules able to be set on recurring days, weeks, month or years.

Accountability of the past and visibility into the future maintenance  plan and schedule

Program Schedule
Preventative Maintenance Plan Dashboard

Once a preventative maintenance plan is in place understanding the exact status (pass, fail, recommendations, defect, offline) of any asset or building as a result of the assets is a breeze.

Future maintenance inspections are easily visible and can be amended and coordinated as required.

Allocate your PPM tasks out with ease

Live-Dashboard of requirements
Preventative Maintenance Workload

As Uptick has been developed in conjunction for facility management as well as contracting, the process of issuing programmed maintenance tasks out to employees or contractors is literally automated.

Tasks can be issued based on:

  • geographical location
  • equipment type or brand
  • skill set (ie.can do monthly/ not annual)
  • preferred technician/contractor for the contract, site, zone or territory
  • predefined

Dashboarded progress throughout the month of your preventative maintenance obligation

Preventative Maintenance Dashboard

Stay ahead of the game, knowing exactly what workload is required, in progress, completed and active at any point throughout the month.

Quickly drill down into any metric and prioritise or allocate as required – encourage full utilisation and stay on top of your workload.