What is bSecure?

bSecure is the largest public domain, building compliance register used throughout Australia. Using a unique building identification and QR Coding system, bSecure provide a central and accessible repository for baseline and compliance data about the bSecure registered building.

bSecure is primarily used by local councils and shires to mandate the compliance processes of the buildings within their jurisdiction. The typical documentation securely hosted by bSecure include:

  • record of maintenance
  • certificate of occupancy
  • routine maintenance baseline data
  • WorkCover building asbestos register
  • access and compliance process documentation
  • contractor compliance process

How does it work?

bSecure is a global repository for all publicly available baseline data specific to a building. Each building is assigned a unique bSecure identification number into which all completed documentation is deposited. This allows all building stakeholders immediate access through the publicly available repository to the baseline information. 

Contractors, auditors, facility managers and tenants of these buildings are then able to access/upload documentation to the bSecure platform for compliance and verification.

What else can bSecure do?

bSecure is a central repository of building data and also specific building processes for owners, tenants, and contractors. From within the bSecure platform, you have the ability to:

  • log and review building maintenance requests
  • manage contractors and contractor safety compliance
  • visually and graphically present building and asset information
  • trigger any custom process relevant to the building or sub system
  • provide API access for partner integrations

The bSecure system is ever growing in function and can be tailored to your exact needs.

Reporting and Analytics.

bSecure is ostensibly a system of record for an individual building. However, for building owners, facility managers and councils alike the aggregation of all buildings and assets within a portfolio can provide a critical data set for insight and metrics based reporting. Uptick FM has extensive reporting capabilities built around portfolios of buildings and compliance. If the data is captured it can be reported in literally any format required.

Who deploys the bSecure System

  • Councils
  • Facility Managers
  • Building Owners
  • Auditors and Compliance organisations

What does it cost to deploy bSecure

The bSecure platform is publically available. The users who deploy the system above, purchase bSecure Identification Stickers to place on their buildings and assets. Each unique sticker is then linked to the asset at the time of installation.

It’s FREE to uploading and download information from the platform. Existing users of the platform can purchase stickers from within the system.




To set up a bSecure platform click here