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Uptick launches Workforce for HVAC

21st June 2021

Easy-to-use software, specifically tailored for the HVAC industry.

Uptick mobile app Workforce for HVAC

Australian based SaaS company, Uptick, provides software for asset servicing and maintenance companies. Trusted by over 2000 technicians, one in four buildings in Australia are currently being maintained using Uptick.

The announcement of Uptick Workforce for HVAC means the HVAC industry will now have access to the tools needed to boost productivity, reduce unnecessary paperwork and grow their business.

“Uptick has seen tremendous growth in the last 12 months with over 350,000 buildings maintained through our system in Australia and New Zealand. We’re taking the lessons learned maintaining complex fire protection assets and launching an industry-specific, detailed asset maintenance solution for the HVAC industry. We’ve already signed some leading service providers and are keen to share their success story in the coming months.” - Aidan Lister, CEO and Founder, Uptick

Our built-in features allow you to configure the DA19 and AS1851 Section 13 standards maintenance cycles, meaning you can spend more time winning business and less time onboarding customers.

Uptick is a cloud-based platform, providing real-time sync that streamlines workflows and optimises maintenance, all while reducing downtime and increasing profits. Uptick’s easy-to-use customer portal will impress and delight your customers with instant reporting and increased visibility.

Uptick looks forward to working with the HVAC community to create a more compliant and efficient industry for all.

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