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Frequently asked questions

The biggest factors determining the length of the onboarding process are:

  1. The size of your team and their training requirements

  2. The quality and ease of export of your data

Most companies can get up and running within 2 months. We've prepared a detailed page on the Uptick onboarding process to give you an idea of what's involved.

Uptick lives in the cloud. That means Uptick is available for your desk/office users on any device (Mac, PC or Linux) via your browser with no additional software downloads.

For your field licenses, technicians can use either Apple or Android devices. Our app is available in the App store on Apple devices, and the Google Play store on Android devices.

We're not another generic job management software like Simpro, JobLogic, and BigChange - we're purpose built for the Fire & Security industry and focused on supporting asset maintenance businesses.

See why our product, support, and onboarding make us the perfect alternative for Fire $ Security companies:

You can also read case studies in our resource library from businesses that have moved over to Uptick.

You can see pricing for Uptick on our pricing page.

We don't do lock-in contracts, just a simple monthly fee based on the number of technicians and office staff you have using the system. You customers and subcontractors have unlimited access to the product for free.

If you'd like to learn more, book a 30 minute chat with one of our solutions consultants to discuss pricing in more detail. We can also work with you to build a business case to establish if there will be a return on investment (ROI).

Uptick takes data security seriously. You can see our data security policy in our resource library, and compliance documentation for GDPR with the Data Protection Addendum and List of Sub-processors.

As we work directly with government and banking clients we have have successfully passed through rigorous security auditing and penetration testing as part of our ISO 27001 certification.

In addition to being secure, we work hard to provide a reliable service. Customers on Uptick can expect an uptime of 99.95% including scheduled maintenance. This translates to an average of less than 5 minutes of business-hour downtime per month for office users and no downtime for technicians.

If you're a large enterprise and want monetary guarantees around reliability, we offer dedicated hosting and Uptick Support SLAs.

Uptick charges a simple per-user monthly fee for each of your desk and field users. Customer and sub-contractor licenses are unlimited and free.

When you sign-up with Uptick, you'll tell us the number of desk and field licenses that you'll need. These limits are soft. You can add as many new desk and field accounts as you need without needing to let us know, or worrying that you're over limit.

Uptick does a regular "true up" and if you're consistently using more licenses than you've purchased we'll let you know your new monthly pricing, and adjust your invoice for the following month.

Sharing accounts is not allowed as it presents problems auditing usage. Accounts with no usage are excluded from licensing totals, and accounts with minimal usage automatically only count as a half-license.

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