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Hansard Fire & Security

Uptick's capability to provide images and comments for individual assets, seamlessly integrated into related quotes and reports, has enabled managing a team of 15 engineers with just two office staff members.

Hansard Fire & Security (HFS) is a Birmingham-based company that installs and maintains fire & security equipment. HFS is dedicated to being the most fair and trustworthy fire & security company in the UK, placing their customers at the forefront of their asset maintenance business.

After experiencing challenges with their previous software, the Hansard team realized it couldn't keep up with their customers' changing demands. This prompted them to make a crucial decision: switching to a new software. This time, they were determined to find a solution that could effectively handle the expanding scale of their business and navigate the intricate aspects specific to the fire industry.

Additionally, they sought a software that aligned with their vision of honesty and transparency in their customer dealings. From job management to report generation, they needed a tool that would support their commitment to openness and integrity.

"We wanted something to show transparency and clarity."

Desmond Hansard, Managing Director

After seeing Uptick's capability to provide images and remarks against individual assets, which are also then seamlessly integrated into any related quotes and reports, the team at Hansard made the confident decision to transition to Uptick.

They were fully aware that this switch would offer their customers the level of detail and sophistication that they were looking for.

Moving to a new business-critical software is never easy, but the Hansard team knew that delaying it would make the transition to a new software even harder. They treated it as an opportunity to start reaping the benefits of using a purpose-built fire asset maintenance software sooner rather than later.

Uptick was also able to contribute to making the transition a success as Uptick's onboarding program helped them migrate their data, train their team, and configure their system the way they want it.

"Changing software is really easy with Uptick, it's not the hassle it would have been elsewhere."

Desmond Hansard, Managing Director

Fast forward to a year later and it looks like their decision has paid off - Hansard has gone from strength to strength and has been able to grow their business.

They have won new customers by sticking true to their goal of being open and honest with their customers, and this is where the Uptick Customer Portal has also played a part.

"The client portal has been a massive seller for us."

Desmond Hansard, Managing Director

The portal has allowed Hansard to provide their customers with the real-time transparency they were after. This means that they have access to their fire safety compliance at any time and can even drill down to all critical data for all properties in their portfolio.

Despite their growth, Hansard has maintained remarkably efficient business operations. In fact, they handle a team of 15 engineers with just two office staff members. And the impressive part? They've achieved this without any negative impact or delays in sending out quotes and reports. They consistently deliver them almost instantly after site visits, ensuring swift and seamless service for their clients.

The entire team at Uptick are absolutely thrilled to see what Des and the team at Hansard have been able to do in less than a year. We look forward to seeing them again at next year's event to have a follow-up on their story!

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