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Full Range Fire Safety

With Uptick, Full Range Fire Safety was able to decrease time spent looking for assets and prepare service reports directly on-site, reducing turnaround time.

Located in Chippendale, New South Wales, Full Range Fire Safety are fire protection specialists who have been in business since 2004 and focus on installing, upgrading, fault-finding, and repairing fire protection and general electrical equipment in buildings.

Similar to the majority of companies that deal with fire asset maintenance, Full Range's operations and profitability hinge on being efficient out in the field. Having their technicians make the most of every minute spent on services and repairs is the most scalable way to increase profit margins. This is where Uptick comes in!

Since implementing Uptick, Full Range has seen the difference it makes to have a software that was purpose-built for the fire protection industry.

"Using Uptick, it's been great. It's been personalised for what we actually need."

Robert Capobianco, Testing Supervisor

This can be seen most clearly on the mobile app as the features that are included are only there to serve one function - support fire technicians to spend less time servicing assets and automate admin tasks as much as possible.

Using the app in the field has allowed Full Range to

  • Capture before and after photos of assets
  • Take photos of defects, which can be used to automatically create defect quotes
  • Prepare reports for clients directly on site
  • Simplify workflow by moving information over from the quote stage directly to the work stage which can then be converted into a purchase order

"Uptick has enabled efficiencies in the field. [...] it's enabled us to attach a product to a defect so it automatically gets quoted"

Daniel Hall, Service Manager

When it comes to the mobile app, Uptick's approach is quite straightforward - the best apps are simple and easy to use. When an app isn't intuitive and available to use when needed, there is often little benefit to users. This is the reason why the Uptick app has been built around on-the-ground feedback and a lot of that feedback has skewed towards making it reliable: say goodbye to syncing issues, crashes, or downtime. The app works online or offline: no manual syncing, no problems in basements.

The end result of this - the mobile does exactly what it's expected to and gets out of the way so technicians can do their jobs.

"Being able to then dispatch as a technician, no need for all the extra phone calls to the office."

Lauren Laker, Service Technician

In this industry where companies deal with critical safety information, delivering outstanding customer service often means more than just providing the bare essentials, more than just sending out a report after an annual service call. It’s about fostering a strong, collaborative relationship with your stakeholders.

The team at Full Range Fire Safety promises to deliver outstanding customer service and ensure the compliance of all the properties that they service. Uptick is proud to be the fire asset maintenance software that helps Full Range achieve this promise.

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