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D A Fire

With Uptick, DA Fire can now provide detailed on-demand reports to clients at every asset level without additional administrative burden.

Based in Crows Nest, NSW - D A Fire a fire company that does design, supply, installation, service, maintenance and testing of fire protection systems

Before Uptick, D A Fire was on another software but they found they that couldn't provide their customers with the right level of service when it comes to reporting. Having heard about Uptick from other companies in the industry, they decided to make the switch.

"I decided it would be better for us to grow with Uptick."

Adam Chomicki, Director Service Management

Since implementing, D A Fire has been able to transform their business - the changes have impacted almost every facet of their business

  • Enhance customer transparency by ensuring all relevant information is included in the reports and presented in a way they can understand
  • Speed up the turnaround time for administrative tasks, especially when dispatching quotes and reports to customers.
  • Improve communication and collaboration between the front office and staff members to enhance operational effectiveness and streamline workflows.

"The reporting in Uptick is a vital aspect for us, especially the ability to give the client access to see what we have in the system on an asset level."

Chetna Arora, Service Manager

The end result of all these incremental gains is a vastly improved customer experience, to the extent that D A Fire have taken on a lot more work and doubled their clientele.

"I definitely recommend Uptick and I have recommended it to other fire companies in the past."

Adam Chomicki, Director Service Management

The entire team at Uptick are absolutely thrilled to see what Adam and the team at D A Fire have been able to do in such a short span. We look forward to seeing how their journey continues to unfold.

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