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Uptick partners with Honeywell for advanced integration with Notifier Panels

3rd June 2021

This seamless partnership is set to pave the way for the future of fire protection and safety.

Uptick plus Honeywell illustration

International powerhouse Honeywell keep half a billion workers safer and more productive each year, with voice-enabled software, barcode scanners, mobile computers, and protective equipment.

Honeywell’s CLSS gateway works with Notifier panels to go beyond simple monitoring, paving the way for remote configuration and testing.

Honeywell CLSS Remote Panel Monitoring technology integrates seamlessly with the Uptick Customer Portal, giving building owners greater transparency, while highlighting detector faults within the context of each building floorplan.

The Honeywell + Uptick integration will promote:

Connectivity: CLSS connects and identifies every panel and device on-site, increasing confidence that the whole system is being commissioned, maintained or managed.

Visibility: CLSS provides enhanced visibility of system performance, reducing the operational cost of maintenance while ensuring the optimum performance and compliance of critical fire safety systems.

Seamless Integration: CLSS seamlessly with the Uptick Customer Portal, giving building owners greater transparency while highlighting live device status on the facility’s Geospatial Mapping.

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