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Customer Spotlight - Specialised Fire Protection

15th March 2021

With COVID-19 presenting a new set of challenges for the fire industry, how has Specialised Fire Protection stepped up their game to benefit both employees and clients?

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COVID-19 resulted in a plethora of alternative and creative responses from different members of various industries.

An organisation that stepped up to the challenge and really excelled from the fire industry was Specialised Fire Protection, who took the time to develop and design an innovative solution to limited off-site training ability, by creating a fully functional on-sitetraining facility.

This fully functional training facility includes:
  • A fire indicator panel with smoke detectors and speakers

  • Gaseous suppression system connected to the gas system with strobes

  • A commercial sprinkler system, deluge system and residential system with an electric pump

  • Flow switches, pressure switches and functional sprinkler heads

  • A hydrant and hose reel connected to the mains

  • Emergency & exit lighting

  • Fire extinguishers and a fire blanket

  • A working ASE (not connected to the brigade!)

  • All associated signage and documentation such as block plans and pressure schedules.

The systems work exactly as they would if they were protecting a property that Specialised Fire Protection are contracted to maintain, in both new and existing buildings. This new innovative design means Specialised Fire Protection are able to train new staff, as well as provide refreshers for existing staff in regular inspection and testing, major repairs or overhauls.

What does this mean for Specialised Fire Protection?

This system has resulted in Specialised Fire Protection responding rapidly to new methodologies as they develop.

The new innovative design has meant Specialised Fire Protection is able to host training sessions with clients, giving them the opportunity to learn in a hands-on manner, as well as gain an understanding of the common faults that Specialised Fire Protection might be reporting to them. The Specialised Fire Protection system can activate gas systems for them (using air rather than typical gases) as well as the sprinkler system releasing water from the deluge heads outside.

This design improves existing practices by ensuring that all staff, both new and old, are up-to-date with latest methodologies and are always evolving in skill. This improves efficiency and productivity, and means both clients can be more confident in their ability, as well as having more understanding of processes and risks.

During this testing time, Specialised Fire Protection have been able to turn the tables and pivot to create a product that benefits current and future staff, as well as clients.

Congratulations to Specialised Fire Protection for your incredible achievement, and for setting a solid precedent for training in the industry.

In addition to this great initiative, Airmaster has announced they have entered into an agreement to acquire Specialised Fire Protection.

Through this acquisition, Airmaster will build upon its portfolio of specialist in-house knowledge and expertise in fire services, whilst continuing to provide the high level of service and attention to detail that Specialised Fire Protection customers are accustomed to.

Additionally, Airmaster will offer extensive career path opportunities to existing Specialised Fire Protection employees.

Double congratulations to the Specialised Fire Protection team!

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