By simply digitizing the field operations through the Uptick interface, Linkfire’s technicians are getting through 25% more jobs each month than previously.

Fast Facts

  • Properties managed: 2,000
  • Report turnaround to client: 5 – 7 x faster
  • Quotes per month: 20% increase
  • Properties serviced: 20% increase
  • Growth in business with Uptick: 30%

Linkfire is a leading provider of Essential Safety Measures (ESM) maintenance and employs over 40 full-time staff. Maintaining over 6,000 buildings of varying size and types throughout Victoria, they are a ‘one-stop-shop’ in essential safety measures maintenance for owners corporations, facilities managers and commercial real estate managers.

Originally, Linkfire was using a different operating system that proved to be clunky, outdated and fully dependent on an in-house server. They had no access to analytics or any way of collating data to manage technician performance and to track revenue and costs. Management admits that they resorted to relying on technicians to provide a report of task progress with no real supporting evidence.

The power of moving to a new and modern cloud system has seen huge improvements in the day-to-day operations of the company. The ability to track key KPIs and analytics in real time has paid major dividends to overall performance and bottom line revenue.

The biggest efficiency gain created by Uptick is the time it takes technicians to complete their allocated jobs. Previously technicians would be weighed down by a heavy paper-based system that would necessitate them scribbling down notes by hand, which would then need to be processed by the office staff before any action could be taken.

By simply digitizing the field operations through the Uptick interface, Linkfire’s technicians are getting through 25% more jobs each month than previously. The field app is simple and easy to use which means they are burdened with far less paperwork and days are organised in a more logical and geographical sequence.

Key Statistics

Before After
Office Staff 13 15
Technicians 22 30
Total 35 45

The biggest benefit of Uptick is its simplicity so our technicians can just focus on their job at hand.

Technicians are now able to generate their own reports and defects with relevant photos before even leaving site. With the pre-made lists of asset remarks, reports are systemised and consistent. This provides reporting accuracy and clarity for their clients. Since implementation of Uptick, reducing double handling has allowed Linkfire to scale fast and improve its field to office staff ratio to 2:1

In addition, not only has the number of defect quotes increased but most importantly, the overall defect quote conversion rate has grown from 30% to 50%. This is due to the speed in which reports and quotes are being sent to the client, decreasing drastically from two weeks to only a couple of days. Clients can now simply approve quotes electronically on the spot in real-time.

As a result of the transparency offered through both the comprehensive client portal and the in-depth reports generated, ABAS has improved our systems, people and processes to make sure we deliver what we preach.

The client portal provided has definitely helped retain clients as they are astounded by the level of transparency and information received. They cannot get this level of service delivery from any other company.

General Statistics

Improvement Before After
Report turnaround to client 5 – 7 x faster 1-2 weeks 2 days
Jobs per month per tech 25% increase 120 150
Quotes per month 20% increase 1000 1200
Defect quote conversion rate 40% increase 30% 50%
Properties serviced 20% increase 5000 6000
Time taken to Schedule tasks 8 x faster 1 day per week 1 hour per week

About the Author Gerard Lyons

Just a country lad who has a plan to catapult Uptick into another stratosphere. Ged brings over 15 years in the construction and trade contracting industry and raises the average age at Uptick considerably. When not at work Ged can be found planting trees, in his veggie garden or cooking on his little ranch north of Melbourne.