The Uptick Field App puts technicians in the correct place with the correct tools and the correct information to get the job done correctly – the first time.

Flexible allocation of technicians to tasks is easy, using Uptick you can:

  • Schedule appointment date and time
  • Allocate work to a technician to complete when able
  • Allow the technician to pick up unallocated jobs while in the area

Pre Job – access details, site assessments, risk audits

Technicians in the field (10)
Mobile SWMS

Ensure technicians complete risk and site assessments prior to commencing the job and operate within a safe work environment and remain compliant. The Uptick risk process can be as simple as three questions or as complex as the SWMS process as shown on the right.

Data captured can be prepopulated into predefined templates and stored as PDFs so that they can be shown while onsite if required.

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Technicians can see all tasks in their area and status

Asset Lists and Histories

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If a programmed maintenance task technicians are presented all assets to test while onsite, while for reactive or service tasks technicians can select the specific asset(s) they are working on within the task.

For reactive or service tasks technicians can select the specific asset they are working on and record all work completed materials used and the like directly against the asset.

View full asset histories. Technicians can easily drill down into all previous tasks and outstanding quotes for any asset.

Barcode ScanningiPhone_barcode_scanner

Got lots of assets onsite or inventory items you need to scan from a vehicle then Upticks scanning. Uptick integrates with Scandit, the highest quality in mobile barcode scanning solutions for smartphones, tablets and wearables.

Create Quotes in seconds

Create a quote straight out in the field and either submit it straight to the client or back to the office for review.

  • Suggested products for each remark will appear, the system learns from behaviour and suggests quote products.
  • Use VOICE to quickly dictate notes.
  • Automatically priced based on customer pricing rules.
  • Quotes can be created for programme defects or service quotes.

Data Capture in the Field

Technicians in the field (13)

Capture time, materials, purchase orders, asset details and more. Empower your technician workforce using Uptick!

Empower your Workforce 
Watch four minutes of money making, dynamic, accountable, informed online/offline technology that will empower your workforce to higher recovery, increased invoicing and superior customer delivery.


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