Introducing the AMCA and Uptick Partnership

29th August 2021


With the launch of Uptick Workforce for HVAC, Uptick has partnered with the Air Conditioning & Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA), a nationwide industry body that represents businesses operating in the commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry, to raise awareness to Uptick’s HVAC industry specific asset servicing and maintenance software.

Scott Williams, CEO, AMCA Australia says:

“The AMCA is pleased to partner with Uptick on a digital marketing campaign that will build members’ knowledge of Uptick’s product offerings and educate its members on the efficiencies that can be gained through utilising Uptick’s software. The AMCA promotes managing buildings smarter, safer and more efficiently, and the Uptick platform assists to achieve those aims.”

Uptick Founder, Aidan Lister explains:

“We’ve taken our knowledge and success maintaining complex fire protection assets to launch an industry-specific, detailed asset maintenance solution for the HVAC industry. We wanted to partner with a known and respected body to give the HVAC industry access to the tools needed to boost productivity, reduce paperwork and grow their business.”

Interested to learn more about the partnership? You can do so here

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Uptick is the leading software provider to the building compliance industry. Over 250,000 buildings and millions of assets are maintained using Uptick's software every year. Uptick's primary product, Workforce, helps field servicing companies manage their mobile workforce to perform routine asset maintenance activities keeping buildings safe and compliant. Uptick's other products are tailored for building owners and facility managers allowing them to manage their compliance and risk, and clients include some of the largest facility owners in Australia. Visit About Uptick to learn more.

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