Connected Customers are valued customers with Uptick's Customer Portal

21st April 2021

Get ahead of your competitors and grow your business with this bespoke solution.

Uptick Customer Portal

Empower your customers to know where they stand at a glance by giving them instant access to a portal they’ll actually use and benefit from.

Build unrivalled trust by providing the ultimate level of transparency while meeting compliance demands with our unique Customer Portal.

Introducing Uptick's best-in-class Customer Portal.

What are the benefits of the Customer Portal?
Beautiful, rich customer insights

See compliance and statistics at a glance with a comprehensive overview of critical data by asset or property, while immediately viewing at-risk-buildings.

A comprehensive job status

Instantly view scheduled, in progress or completed tasks including the scope of works, due date, who the task is assigned to and any associated documentation like reports, quotes, invoices, forms, and logbooks.

Access any quote, at any time

Easily access a list of all complete service and defect quotes, as well as those that are pending approval or declined.

Highlight unpaid invoices

See all unpaid, due or overdue invoices and download copies into PDF format.

Easily access reports

Download life system condition reports or annual certification documentation for any building with a click of a button

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