Has 2020 taught us anything?

2nd December 2020

2020 has made us all experts on things we didn’t previously think twice about. From banana bread to tiger kings to masks, it’s been a pretty wild ride. But, has it taught us anything that we can carry on to our future?

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If we don’t go digital, we can’t grow

Businesses that have thrived during 2020 are those who either enable organisations to go online and utilise technology that allows their teams and customers to be more connected, without the need to be face-to-face, or those who implement technology that does this.

Implementing new technology has often not been a top priority of many organisations, often ignoring digital transformations in place of something that takes less effort and produces more immediate results. Yet, 2020 has put these transformations to the forefront of leadership's attention.

What have we learnt at Uptick?

Since our conception, we've been encouraging businesses to go digital and to embrace technology that is made to benefit the user.

Our mobile app means fire technicians can solve problems in a fraction of the time with access to comprehensive property and asset data in the palm of their hands. And our scheduling solution means businesses can allocate staff with drag and drop calendars, while automating routines and geographical scheduling. This could be done at a click of a button, from anywhere at any time.

The cloud is the future, embrace it!

Tiger King versus the cloud- who is the real king?

Many will say 2020 was the year of the Tiger King, but the real MVP of 2020 was the cloud. While Tiger King provided us with endless Zoom banter and outlandish halloween costumes, cloud-based software allowed businesses to easily pivot and carry on their usual routines while teams worked from home.

What have we learnt at Uptick?

At Uptick, our vision has always been to provide transparent, real-time data for assets in the building compliance industry so Australian's are safer than ever in the built-environment.

Needless to say, our fire protection software is cloud-based and during 2020, Uptick clients were able to continue to make data-driven decisions with real-time insights into job activities and business performance whenever they needed - from any location by having all critical data already stored on the cloud, without having to make any changes to their process.

Thank you, Cloud King!

Work smarter, not harder

2020 was a year of implementing tools that allowed us to work smarter, not harder. Businesses needed to quickly implement easy-to-use technology that allowed teams to collaborate and connect, while being completely transparent.

It was also the year of self care. While many opted for carbs and pyjamas all day, implementing tools that can make your day a little more stress free while helping you achieve your goals was also a top option.

What have we learnt at Uptick?

It’s all about being the most efficient that you can, without breaking a sweat.

Take paper logbooks as a classic example. Who decided it would be a good idea to store the paper logbooks in the same buildings we’re protecting from fire? That you can only access them on-site, and that there is real no accessibility or accountability in general. By moving to digital logbooks, all data is safe, secure and always available. You can even access them from the comfort of your time

They are also just a lot easier to use, so why wouldn’t you?

What have you learnt in 2020? Let our team know!

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