Uptick referral program

Save up to 50% on your monthly subscription fee with the Uptick Referral Program

A referral from you means a lot to us! Help us build a stronger compliance network and reduce your monthly costs at the same time. You can save up to 50% on your monthly fee!

It’s easy, here’s how it works
1. Introduce a new business

Send an introduction email to the main contact of the business you want to refer or, if you have permission to do so, send their contact details to us.

2. They become an Uptick user

We’ll get in touch with your contact to see if Uptick can help them grow their business.

3. You get rewarded

Once your contact becomes an Uptick customer, you receive your discount.

Ready to Refer?

Join us in building a stronger compliance network, grow the eco-system of property, asset and compliance data and save yourself some money on your monthly subscription fee while you’re at it.

The fine print:
  1. The referral bonus is calculated as 15% of the referred customer'`s monthly fee, not including support, setup or dedicated hosting expenses.
  2. Any referral fees earned from the program will be provided as a discount as part of your existing monthly subscription fee.
  3. The referral bonus will be paid on the first six months of the referred customer'`s subcription revenue.
  4. The customer must be cleanly referred, not previously referred by an existing Uptick customer, and not already in communication with the Uptick team. e.g. An introduction email by the customer of the referred contact.
  5. The aggregate referral bonus is capped at 50% of your monthly contract price.