Gain clear insights into the key metrics of your organisation: people, customers, cashflow and compliance.

Track Your Compliance

We provide simple views to give you an overall picture of your properties compliance status by asset type.

Dig Deep

Drill down into your compliance issues with our easy to use graphing features.

Monitor ContractorsFM_Contractor_exposure

You will have access to which contractors are responsible for each asset component in the system and how contractors are performing.

Contractor Exposure

We’ll let you know how many different contractors are responsible for each asset type in your portfolio – giving you an opportunity to consolidate and gain efficiencies.


Manage Defect reporting across Buildings and Asset Types

Customer PortalUptick provides filtered data based on the stakeholder involved.
Imagine having immediate access to compliance and defect data across the properties you manage, a team member manages or alternatively providing clear visibility to your customer through the portal to their portfolio under your management.

Instant access to core risk and compliance information at your fingertips enabling clear and concise decisions.

Drill Down to the core issues and process

Analytics (Portal Defect explorer)

Any defects identified can be quickly drilled down into and processed as required. Again depending on your role as a user what that action may be. As a Strata Manager, it may be to send a batched report of all defects issued on a property that need be approved by the owner or owners representatives. Owners and end customers may drill down and accept the Defect Quotes within the portal and authorise their rectification works to take place.

Who, What, Where & When.

The Uptick Facilities system holds all users internal and external accountable. Traditional log file time stamping is just the beginning.