Uptick streamlines the process of defect management allowing your workforce in the field while maintaining the asset, to process a defect quote and send it directly to your customer or back to the office for review and sending.

Defects Quote Register –  at a glance

Complete Asset History – in the palm of your techs hands

Technicians in the field (12)
Technicians have full visibility into asset history

While managing the routine task technicians have the full asset lifecycle history at the click of a button eliminating the possibility of “passing” a previously “failed” asset.

Empower technician to see trends in the asset and provide a rectification quote for future compliance issues.

Read more about Uptick Technician App and raising defects from the field here


Make it easy for your customer to approve your quotes and recommendations

defect-quote-approvalUptick gives your customer multiple ways to authorise and approve your defect quotes. Once the defect quote is sent to the customer they have the following choices:

  • Accept straight out of the defect quote email
  • Accept from the customer portal
  • Sign off and authorise while the technician is onsite
  • Go old style and contact you to manually process

Create urgency and get approval to proceed based on your professional and accredited recommendations.

Automate reminders and follow-up of outstanding Defect Quotes.


Every contractor knows sending the defect quote is only half the process. It needs to get approved. Uptick makes the process easy to batch notify and followup customers or set individual followup tasks for someone to call and chase up the defect if it’s a critical failure.