Security of your Uptick data

Not all cloud providers are equal especially when it comes to data security and uptime. That’s why we host with Amazon. We go to great measure to protect your data.

Amazon EBS encryption offers you a simple encryption solution for your EBS volumes without the need for you to build, maintain, and secure your own key management infrastructure.

All data encrypted at rest uses an AES-256, block-level storage encryption. Keys are managed by Amazon, the individual volume keys are stable for the lifetime of the volume. See here for more information.

HTTPS for all traffic, SSL keys by LetsEncrypt rotated every 90 days.

User password management: custom policy per customer for minimum password strength. Users get a warning using insecure passwords.

Access to your data and backups

The to-the-minute backup is a straight 24 hour rolling window, the database doesn’t care about non-business days and holidays.

If you want to extend this, there are dedicated database options that give you 7 full days of to-the-minute backups, you would be looking at an extra $350/month.

In addition to the to-the-minute backups, the twice daily backup runs at 1pm and 6pm. These backups are available essentially forever, but we commit to keeping them for 60 days.