Uptick’s Customer Portal provides unparalleled visibility into their portfolio – transferring risk (to your customer) and creating long-term customer retention.

Uptick provides your customers unparalleled visibility into each of their buildings and asset classes, their compliance status, the works completed, defects outstanding and loads more, onscreen, accessible securely from any web browser.

Designed with purpose, to deliver intuitive real time analytics for your customer


From the moment your customer logs into Uptick their data is presented graphically, geospatially based on the status of compliance relevant to the property.

The graphical interface then allows easy hovering and drill down to analysis of the data, work completed and any photo or attachments allocated.

The Uptick customer portal allows your customer to set user profiles to restrict their team(s) to the data they need to perform their role

Uptick provides your corporate customers, facility managers, and real estate agents the ability to create their own users and user profiles.

This profiling of users then restricts and filters the visible data based on the users’ profile. The restriction may be based on properties managed, their role within the organisation, their geographical location etc.

From high-level dashboards, your customers can drill down to asset-level data, inspection/service details, defects and compliance issues


Provide easy navigation to allow your customer metrics based on:

  • Asset and asset classes
  • Compliance status
  • Buildings
  • Program types
  • Status of defect and service quotes
  • Much more

Give your customer a reason to never leave you by providing them true insight into their properties and compliance.

“Uptick provides a feature rich platform of Asset Intelligence. Building Managers can log on wherever they are and properly understand the compliance status of their entire portfolio both as individual buildings and as a whole” – AESG