It all starts by winning a new customer.

Rapidly turn out new maintenance contract proposals (quotes) and increase the contracted revenue into your contracting business.

Maintenance Contract Quote

Submitting and winning new tenders is one of the primary success drivers of business. The adage, that sales is a numbers game, is no more relevant than when submitting for new maintenance tenders.

Uptick makes the process of generating a new proposal and submission easy. Phased pricing; quote for initial work required upfront and then display the pricing schedule for assets inspected once completed.

Invoicing structures as complex as your customer requires.

Contract Invoices to your customer’s format

Contract requirements of facility managers and large commercial customers alike drive complexity and often manual workload in order to meet their rigorous pricing and contractual requirements each and every time an inspection is completed. Upticks’ contract engine provides the flexibility to manage literally the most complex of contract pricing conditions.

Invoicing structures:

  • Amortised (equally dispersing the contract value across twelve months invoicing recurring frequency invoices, such as a monthly or quarterly to cover all services)
  • Post Task Completion – Asset Schedule of Rates
  • Post Task Completion – Time and Materials
  • Pre Task – Asset Schedule of Rates (based on known assets)

Make invoicing your contract maintenance a mere formality and focus your attentions on more profitable tasks within the business – like chasing new contracts.

Mandate the reports for data collection, presentation and sending based on contract

Jobbing (3)

Uptick allows any number of reports, forms and checklist data to be mandated and compiled for sending by the technician or back office as required under your contract. Mandating the process ensure all data collected and zero delays in processing whether by your technicians in the field or by your office team once the data is reviewed.

White label invoices and reports

Easily merge photos into reports and forms

Make it easy for head contractors or FMs to simply rebrand your reports and represent their work as yours. This has two advantages, firstly making it easier for your customers to get their job done therefore making them a little stickier to you, secondly ensuring that there is no communication issue or lag in processing your information – therefore you should get paid that little bit faster.