Live dynamic dashboards, KPI’s and metrics your accountant and business coach could only dream of.

Using dynamic dashboards, automated reporting, custom filtering and standardised metrics, you will have superior insight into the compliance, costs, and revenue streams of your fire protection business – like a boss. Not the bossy style boss, but the confident leader who is on top of issues before they escalate. The targeted and informed boss able to call up information to make operational and strategic decisions as required.

Best-of-Breed Decision Making Tools


Give managers insight into their workload for cost effective – realtime – choices

Geographically filter and assign tasks

On a day to day basis, the most critical element to maintaining profit margin is productivity.

Consider for a moment, if the markup on your labour cost is 50%  — a technician who recovers only 6.5 hours in a 7.5 hour day equates to a reduction in your profit of the day by 87%.


Productivity, cashflow, compliance and business success

Like it or not, Uptick effectively forces you and your team to follow “best practice”. Throughout the system, Uptick dashboards and lists present the workload required to move your jobs and tasks through the system – to invoice and close.

Uptick presents the daily, weekly, monthly and annual reporting so you can be confident in your decisions. Allowing you to work on the business and not in it.