Uptick Compliance is used by many of Australia’s leading building compliance, essential safety, and fire auditing organisations.¬†Uptick Compliance comes with literally all Australian¬†Standards enabling a rapid and easy implementation into your auditing workforce.

Each new month has become a record for Inspections completed, reports generated and revenue collected. Our staff numbers have fallen and others have been redeployed to more valuable activities – AESG….read more

Make auditing and data collection an easy process


  • Standardise data collection
  • automate the workflow
  • view past results
  • record photos against issues
  • identify location and order of issues
  • make the process easy

Professionalise your reports

ESM report template

Use our template ESM / Saftey Measures report or customised to your requirements to reflect the personality and processes of your organisation. Uptick provides for each states specific report requirements; AESM, AFSS, ESM, SMA, OS, Form 16.

Provide your customers analytics into risk and compliance across their portfolio

ESM Portal
Saftey Auditing and Compliance analytics


Uptick makes the process of collection, presentation and collating risk and compliance data, easy and profitable. Contact Uptick today!