Uptick wins 3AW “Small Business of the Month”

The team at Uptick are thrilled to have been announced as the Momentum Energy Small Business of the Month on 3AW.

The awarding ceremony was broadcast live on 3AW (693AM, Melbourne) with Aidan Lister (CEO, Uptick) having a great chat with Denis Walter, Paul Geason (Managing Director of Momentum Energy) and Rohini Kappadath who is a representative from the Small Business, Innovation and Trade (Victorian Government).

Watch the interview below.

Momentum Energy just posted on their Facebook page that, “Uptick are changing the way buildings and assets are maintained, serviced, audited and reported.”  Read the post here.

According to Aidan, “It’s a great honour for the team to win this award and it will help further energise the development team who are busily churning out new features”.



For many tradies who perform regular maintenance on buildings, filling out paperwork is the bane of their existence. In today’s age of technology, using pen and paper is not only an in-efficient way of capturing data, it also places considerable administrative strains back at HQ with all of the extra bodies employed to re-key in the forms when they return to base. That’s where Uptick comes in.

For businesses who perform regular maintenance on fire equipment to ensure the buildings comply with Australian standards, Uptick’s mobile application has helped them smash new records in efficiency which has allowed them to take on new work, without needing to bulk up the back office. In effect, this technology helps businesses scale up.

Linkfire stated that by simply digitizing the field operations through the Uptick interface, Linkfire’s technicians are getting through 25% more jobs each month than previously. And since adopting Uptick in 2014, AESG’s portfolio has grown by approximately 30%. Prior to Uptick that growth would have been unthinkable… More testimonials are available here: www.uptickhq.com/testimonial

As part of the Australian economy, the building compliance and trade contracting industries make up $20 billion which has largely resisted “digital disruption” until now. The system allows tradies in the field to fill out all required documentation by simply pulling their phone out of their pocket and it helps satisfy the accounts department by slashing the time it takes to invoice clients for works when faults have been identified.

Uptick welcomes a new member to the development team

The Uptick development team is excited to welcome Alaa Salman!

Alaa joins us as a senior developer, and is bringing a unique set of skills along with him – not least of which is extensive knowledge of security principles and their application.

While we’ve built our solutions here at Uptick with the utmost concern for security, we very much welcome Alaa’s valuable contribution, both in security and in leading the development of new technologies.

Alaa will be working directly with the development team, and liasing with the support and integration teams.

Lunch and Learn – 13th July 2017

On the 13th July 2017 at 12:30pm, Uptick will holding our inaugural monthly online training session. We are making these sessions a monthly feature.

Each month we will be discussing best practices, new feature releases, “Feature of the Month” and Q & A.  On the 13th July, the feature we’ll be discussing and demonstrating will be:

  • Creating SWMS
  • Completing SWMS via iPads

These sessions are for Uptick product champions to understand the key concepts then go into their business to implement.

You can  participate:

  • virtually via our online platform (details will be shared after your registration)
  • or attend in person at 398 Johnston Street, Abbotsford.

Please make sure you book ASAP as this session is limited to 20 participants only.

Bookings are managed through Eventbrite. You can register by clicking on the button below.

Register Button

Announcement: Over 80,000 buildings are now maintained on the Uptick platform (and counting)

In just three years, Uptick has transformed how more than 80,000 Australian buildings are now maintained. Consider for a moment pre-Uptick – when most of our customers were using paper-based records.  If you estimated that each building would have used up 10 sheets of paper per year, we’re talking about 800,000 documents (1600 reams) that no longer get printed, transported to, and from site, and processed manually by technicians and admin teams.


Uptick – 80,000 buildings – saving our customers hundreds of thousands of hours in administrative processing and saving our environment hundreds of trees, each and every year.

100,000 properties here we come!

Launching the new Uptick referral program

Referrals are the lifeblood of any business. In fact, I recently published an article on LinkedIn where I argued that the toughest part of gaining a referral is to drum up the courage to ask for one (read here).

Throughout our short history, we’ve also been fortunate enough to benefit from clients finding out about us via referrals. In every case, we’ve thanked the client or contact profusely for recommending our services and now we’ve decided to formalise the process by launching a structured referral campaign.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Think of 2 – 3 businesses who you think would benefit from working with us.
  2. Click on www.uptickhq.com/referral-program (bookmark the link!) and enter your details and the contact details of someone who works at the company who needs our technology.
  3. We will then reach out to the contact to arrange a discussion and potential demo.
  4. If they decide to become an Uptick customer, we will provide you with a referral reward in the form of a $500 Coles Myer voucher.

We’ve tried to keep the process as simple as possible.  There is an option for you to remain anonymous if you choose in this WIN-WIN-WIN scenario!

Smart Company has just published a profile of Uptick

Smart Company has just published a feature on Uptick focusing on the companies inception, how the recent venture capital and client acquisitions will help us further enhance our building compliance software and platform for the building and facility management industry.



Read Full Article Here



Read more about Upticks’:

Uptick Rebranding Event – 13th May 2017 – THANKS to all attendees!

Thanks to all customer, partners, and suppliers who attended our special event last Thursday to celebrate the official transformation and re-branding of aBAS Property Solutions into Uptick.

It was great to welcome everyone into our new offices to relax over a drink (and copious nibblies) and have a chat about the industry.  It’s also amazing to see how positive it can be when we put together clients and they compare how our technology has made an impact within their operations.

Based on the success of this event, we’ll no doubt be planning more in and around Australia in the coming year.

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