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Simplified asset servicing for fire companies with an end-to-end asset maintenance solution. Join fire companies worldwide and make the switch to Uptick
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Asset maintenance solution bespoke for fire protection

Speed up processes, reduce costs, and accelerate growth with a complete fire protection management software to help you maintain compliance

Asset-based maintenance software

Uptick combines all property and asset data which lets you identify assets by type (fire doors, fire extinguishers, CCTV, air conditioning, and more) or by job, review service history, imagery and even predict their lifecycle - all in the single platform.

Schedule your field work to maximise efficiency

Uptick's asset maintenance scheduling allows you to reduce downtime and increase billable hours using smart, geographically-optimised routes that maximises the amount of inspection and testing for the day.

Stay compliant with local standards

Plan routine and major services in advance with fire asset schedules built around local standards (AS1851, British Standards, NZS4512, and more), and data capture also around these standards to ensure ongoing fire safety compliance

Cater to any fire safety requirements

Uptick's fire protection software empowers your field teams by letting them build the foundations of reports during site inspections. Everything done during a site visit - whether it's marking an asset as defected, verifying an asset have Passed routing inspection, or taking photos of assets within a property - gets synced back to the office to decrease reporting turnaround time. Your office team also benefits by getting the tools to create automatic and compliant reports (AFSS, PAS 79, etc.) directly after fire safety inspections is completed in the field.

Uncover opportunities in your asset maintenance business

Leverage the underlying data within your business to help avoid being blindsided by 'unforeseen' situations and uncover new opportunities. Uptick allows asset maintenance businesses to track the right metrics and KPIs to ensure you're making informed, data-driven decisions.

A mobile app that your field teams will actually use

Uptick's asset maintenance mobile app is purpose built to support fire technicians and engineers do what they need to do, with no fuss. From displaying comprehensive asset records to providing a step-by-step form for your field team to run a fire alarm inspection, our app is designed to do it's job and get out of the way. It even works offline, which means your team can still use it in basements and other areas with poor network coverage.

Get more efficiency out of your field teams

Uptick's mobile app lets your field team view all their inspections and asset repairs for the week, and plan the required resources in advance to reduce going back and forth to resupply. Your engineers and technicians can also preview their jobs for a given day on a map and schedule in instant repairs in the area to increase their call our rate without impacting scheduled-in jobs.

Easily track productivity of your technicians and engineers in the field

The Uptick mobile app lets your field team record the beginning and end of each asset maintenance job.They can also identify transit times, revisits, or the collection of parts - auto-populating hours directly into their timesheet.

Features for every business.


Increase billable hours and reduce downtime using smart scheduling.

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Built-in Standards

Take the guesswork out of your operations and ensure you're meeting legislative safety standards.

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Project Management

Stop letting tasks slip through the cracks, deliver projects on time and on budget.

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Timesheets & productivity

Track billable hours and get a comprehensive overview of time spent completing a task.

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Management Reporting

Easily measure contract performance, tech performance, customer SLAs and profitability.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Plan ahead with automated service routines and scheduled maintenance.

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Subcontractor & Trades Management

Assigning and reporting on jobs to Subcontractors has never been easier.

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Customer Portal

Give your clients access to a customer portal they'll actually use.

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Feel supported

With unlimited phone and email support from a dedicated, industry trained team - based in your country, you can be confident that your staff aren't offline when it matters.

Grow your business

With comprehensive analytics and robust reporting, you can make data-driven decisions and grow your business with confidence.

Increase productivity

Reduce downtime in the field, stop double-handling information and cut down on unnecessary back-office paperwork and administration.

Measure and improve

Track important KPIs, set targets and improve your business operations by understanding them.

Impress your customers

Exceed service expectations and provide the ultimate level of transparency by giving your customers access to a real-time customer portal.

Work remotely

Work smarter, not harder. Manage your workforce, keep an eye on projects and track your finances from anywhere, anytime on mobile or desktop.

Bend and flex

Not every business is the same. Uptick offers complete flexibility and customisation no matter how unique your workflows are.

Sleep easy

Uptick is built on a modern, robust infrastructure. With bank-grade security and near-zero downtime, you can rely on Uptick.

Grow your business and delight your customers with Uptick.

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