Uptick gets ISO 27001 certified

30th May 2023

Uptick is very excited to announce it has officially received ISO 27001 certification.

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The ISO 27001 certification is widely recognized as the highest standard for managing information security.

It’s not just about software architecture, it’s a framework that must be integrated into the very way the company is operated to minimise the risk of data loss or theft.

"ISO27001 was a multi-year process and a huge investment for Uptick, but a necessary one. Our customers trust us with their data and business operations every day, we take that responsibility seriously and are thrilled to have been formally recognised with the ISO27001 certification." - Aidan Lister, Chief Executive Officer, Uptick

What does this mean for our customers?

Firstly, your data is safe and secure.

ISO27001 covers all the basics – penetration testing, backups and restores, and adopts a "security-first" approach to software development. This gives our customers a high level of confidence that their data is stored securely, backups are continuously monitored and tested, and the risk of data loss or unavailability is minimized.

Secondly, these processes and procedures are continuously monitored and reviewed.

ISO27001 requires the adoption of policies and procedures, and most importantly, provides evidence that these policies and procedures are being followed. Aside from regular audits from BSI – a crown auditor – Uptick has engaged Drata to continuously monitor over 200 controls in real-time, alerting us whenever a policy or process is not being adhered to.

Uptick is delighted to have the opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to keeping our customers data safe and secure, and congratulate the team on their hard work in bringing this to life.

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