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AFlash Fire streamlines communications between the field and the office

...using Uptick. A leading fire asset management software purpose-built for the fire protection industry.

"We need one less staff member - most of the tasks are taken care of by the software"
Fouad Saada
General Manager, AFlash Fire
a flash engineer performing test, overlayed by uptick shield
Streamlined office team and processes

Instant reporting after site visits

An hour a day saved by technicians

AFlash Fire is a fire protection company based in Western Sydney that does install, testing, and maintenance of both wet and dry fire systems

Before switching to Uptick, AFlash Fire have tried different software to suit their purpose and found that they still weren't getting what they needed - which is a system that is asset based and can support the workflows that are unique to the fire industry.

Asset-based servicing allows companies to set individual testing schedules for each asset, unlike the commonly used site-based servicing, where all assets are grouped for a site with the assumption that they are serviced at the same time. The asset-based approach is preferred in the fire industry since standards and regulations require specific testing schedules for each asset type.

"Uptick is different to the previous systems that we've used - everything is tailored to our industry" - Fouad Saada, General Manager

After implementing Uptick's fire protection software, the front office team at AFlash Fire has been able to effectively the built in features to save their time and increase efficiency. They can instantly send reports after site visits and offer customers unmatched visibility through the Customer Portal.

AFlash Fire has successfully harnessed the workflows within Uptick to operate with one less staff member, resulting in positive impacts on the business's financials. Specifically, they have been able to streamline the team as the software automates report writing and facilitates smooth communication between the office and the field team, leading to improved operational efficiency and reducing the need for a staff member to handle these tasks.

The management team at AFlash is also gaining a lot of benefits from the reports and insights that is provided to them from the software as it allows them to see the profitability of each job and allows them to make decisions that will positively influence the business in the long run.

"It provides us with transparency and allows us to make sure that we're providing an excellent service to our clients while still running the business profitably" - Fouad Saada, General Manager

On the field, AFlash's technicians are experiencing the advantages of Uptick with the help of the mobile app. Specifically, they find the dashboard and toolbox within the app highly useful as they offer a quick overview of their daily tasks and the materials needed.

It has even become a key component of their daily planning and helps ensure they minimise unnecessary visits to the office.

"It's saving us at least an hour a day" - Noah Mazzotta, Lead Technician

AFlash Fire's implementation of operational changes and efficiency improvements has had a significant impact on their business performance and customer service. The overall outcome of these improvements is a better customer experience and increased field efficiency, while employing one less staff member in the office.

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You'll be in good company

Red fire extinguisher against cement pillar

"We were at a point where the operating system was holding us back, and it was time for a major change."

Tony Kline
CEO, KlineFire
noah and fouad from a flash fire using uptick mobile app

"It shows that Uptick is at the forefront of the industry and are constantly innovating"

Fouad Saada
General Manager, AFlash Fire
Alliance Fire - Simon Molloy

"One part-time admin looks after 8 engineers."

Simon Molloy
Managing Director, Alliance Fire Group
Adam from D A Fire with Anthony from Uptick

"It's helped with our overall customer satisfaction"

Adam Chomicki
Director Service Management, D A Fire
hansard team meets uptick team in fire safety event in birmingham

"It’s helping us win new business. For us, it’s paid for itself already."

Des Hansard
Managing Director, Hansard Fire & Security
firemark staff filling out an oh&s form on the uptick mobile app on a tablet

"A system that enables you to get to where you want to be is a great thing"

Stephen Ward
Managing Director, Firemark
paramount fire protection technician unloading fire assets from van

"We've grown by 50% in terms of winning new customers"

Hussein Fattal
Director, Paramount Fire Protection
uptick team and argos fire team looking at a laptop

"Some of our staff are getting through one or two more jobs done a day. Just by reducing the paperwork."

Terry Skeggs
Managing Director, Argos Fire

"As a company, we always look to see what's out there that's an improvement to what we've got, and Uptick gave us that"

John Graham
Director, Wm Brown & Co

"I like that all the assets are in one place; it's easy to see anything that's on site"

Daniel Hall
Service Manager, Full Range Fire Safety

"We've just been growing, so over the last two years has been the most growth we've had financially in our business, and I will bring that down to Uptick"

Lavinia Horne
Co-Owner, Gold Coast Fire Protection
adl fire engineer interview

"Uptick support was incredible, we couldn't have done without it. The response time was fantastic."

Katie Jones
Operations Manager, ADL Fire and Security
beacon engineer repairing fire extinguisher on shop floor

"They are by far the best and the easiest app to work your way around, and we looked at, at least, 20 different ones"

John Borthwick
Managing Director, Beacon Fire Protection
crystal fire entrance with logo

"Uptick for us is everything. It manages our whole business from one end to the other."

Chris Osborne
Managing Director, Crystal Fire
linkfire ceo and engineer discussing upcoming tasks next to fire extinguisher on worktable

"We've gone from under 40 staff to over 80 full-time staff. Revenue has increased threefold."

Alistair Nicoll
Founder and Managing Director, LinkFire
Graphic of globe with interconnected line overlay

"The evolution to digital testing log books is obvious from outside of the industry bubble. When clients have had a demonstration of the digital log books, they respond enthusiastically. It is always rewarding knowing we are actually making DEM greener."

Gary Marshall
General Manager, DEM Fire
tablet displaying a portal with management reporting screen

"We were very good at our technical job, but we were falling short of communicating with our customers."

Alistair Nicoll
CEO, LinkFire
Sky rise buildings with reflection in water

"Uptick provided a means for AESG to regain control."

Kim Rockman
Red fire extinguisher against cement pillar

"We were at a point where the operating system was holding us back, and it was time for a major change."

Tony Kline
CEO, KlineFire
noah and fouad from a flash fire using uptick mobile app

"It shows that Uptick is at the forefront of the industry and are constantly innovating"

Fouad Saada
General Manager, AFlash Fire