Introducing Geospatial Floorplans

21st March 2021

Presenting Uptick's first of its kind, revolutionary technology, designed to help you make more money and grow your fire maintenance business, faster.

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What are Geospatial Floorplans?

Created to minimise time spent looking for assets, Geospatial Floorplans allow you to build a geospatial register for all assets. This no fuss process combines your publicly available data, detailed service history or a verified mapping partner like Locatrix to create a beautiful, accurate floorplan for all of your e assets.

Why was it created?

Aidan Lister, Founder of Uptick, explains:

“Uptick launched our Floorplans module in early 2020 because of our total commitment to maximising technician efficiency. The margins on I&T are razor thin, and we believed that we could save a substantial amount of technician time on site with this innovative feature.

This makes our customers more competitive than any of their non-Uptick rivals.”

Geospatial Floorplans is the first technology of its kind.
What are our customers saying?

"The feedback from customers using the feature has been really encouraging. We now have a full year of servicing information allowing us to compare average service time pre and post floorplans. Time on site has dropped 44% on tasks involving a substantial number of assets (e.g. E&E and detector testing).

Customers also love the mobile app, as the floorplans flow through to their customer portal allowing them to visualise each building and their test results.

Uptick’s excited to be the first field servicing software to launch this feature, and we’re excited to be making it available for free to all of our existing customers.”

What are the key benefits of using Uptick's Geospatial Mapping technology?
Gain a significant edge over your competitors

Geospatial Mapping means you’re ten steps ahead of your non-Uptick rivals by reducing time spent searching for assets, meaning technicians can get more time in a day.

Save significant time on the field!

Geospatial Mapping functionality means it takes far less time to locate assets like fire extinguishers or emergency lights throughout entire buildings, across multiple floors. This increases efficiencies, meaning technicians can access more sites throughout their day.

Its fast and easy for technicians to get started

Unlike other software that is more effort than it’s worth, Uptick’s Geospatial Mapping functionality is intuitive and simple to use, meaning your technicians will pick it up in no time.

You’ll see an almost immediate increase in profits

By reducing time needed to search, technicians will have more time in their day for more jobs. You’ll see an instant increase in profits.

Impress your customers with better customer insights

Provide greater visualisation and understanding to customers with a visual representation of their assets on a Geospatial Map.

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